Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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        Once more the charity project Artists for the Renaissance of Ukraine highlights the eternal question of continuity of times, epochs, inseparable unity of the spirit through countries, ages, political and mental poles. Community of spirit, the beauty of the being and soul are universal sacred things. They values are generosity, love, beauty of the life, ability to hear each other through every obstacle possible, ability to value and enjoy life.

        This is because the Renaissance man has been the object of close attention for artists, poets, musicians, painters, sculptors, and couturiers. It has become a tradition to give the others a favor, to support the cultural development of one's own nation, to be a patron of art. This is not only a matter of prestige. Such activity deserves respect. It is the gift from the above; the gift of God and in the name of God.

        Aesthetics means a unity of inner and outer manifestations of harmony and beauty. It is very valuable for us today, that these traditions are being revived at a new level of perception, when creative aspirations are being amalgamated in seemingly different spheres of art - music, literature, painting, design, and fashion. And this is not an eclectics, it is rather a manifestation of the diversity of life. It is the theatre of our life, where everything plays its own part destined from the above.

        The cycle "Music at Christmas" is created by the efforts of those people who are not indifferent for the fate of our country, our children, our compatriots, who will create future on the sources of the past.


2004 год

« Classical Europe and Contemporary Ukraine »

        On January 2, 2004, during the first week of the new year 2004, the lovers of classical music will be treated with an unforgettable present. They will be meeting at The N. Lysenko Hall of Columns of the National Philharmony of Ukraine with the merited artists of Ukraine Oles Semchuk (violin) and Anna Seredenko (piano), who will be playing in the celebratory concert "Music at Christmas" together with The Ukrainian Watercolors chamber music ensemble of Sofia Suldina (laureate of international contests), Bohdan Denisko, Oleg Zaremsky, Vladimir Nor, Ihor Tyutyunnikov.         More...

2005 год

« Viennese Fairytale »

        The second concert from the cycle "Music at Christmas" was devoted to unachievable masterpieces of Europe's musical culture, summits of chamber music by the great Viennese composers, whose works were performed by merited artists of Ukraine Anna Seredenko (piano), LudmilaVoinarovska (soprano), Oles Semchuk (violin), Vladimir Nohr (cello).         More...

2006 год

« A Moveable Feast »

        Mystification is an integral attribute of the New Year and Christmas festivity. On 2 January the first philharmonic concert in 2006 will turn the Hall of Columns into a Parisian Monmartre mansard. The conception of the concert belongs to Anna Seredenko, merited artist of Ukraine, and the program is devoted to Paris exclusively.         More...

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