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        Irina and Vitaly BOROVYK are musicians dedicated to music, to each other, and to their beloved musical instruments. Together with their partner Edward Idelchuk (violin) they are still full of enthusiasm and hope. By the time that a unique idea of joint performances in chamber concerts emerged, the three musicians had already established themselves as reputed soloists and orchestra performers, and as prominent professors of music. The project was named "The Ukrainian Watercolors". This beautiful name not only is full of poetry, but it eloquently communicated the identity and aims of the newly born ensemble: poetic atmosphere, crystal clear and exquisite coloration, attention to detail as well as mutual contact with hearts beating in unison. The definition "Ukrainian" tells about the desire to spread and develop various forms of chamber performance in Ukraine, by arranging concerts, inviting reputed musicians into joint programs as well as inspiring composers to write contemporary chamber music.         Preparations continued for three years, and the date of birth of the ensemble is believed to be the concert at St. Andrew's Church in Kiev on 14 December 1982 where a rather extraordinary piece was played. Its Latin title DSCH stands for Dmitri Shostakovich. The acronym was also Shostakivich's motto in music. Seven Ukrainian composers, V.Bibik, M.Skorik, Yu. Ishchenko, G. Lyashenko, L.Dychko, V.Guba and V.Silvestrov, dedicated a cycle of chamber pieces to the outstanding Russian composer and world genius. The above mentioned composers were representatives of the 1960s generation, and their music symbolized the life-giving regeneration in Ukrainian music. It was this outstanding event that defined the line of further artistic explorations for "The Ukrainian Watercolors". The musicians were convinced that the Ukrainian chamber music which they performed and whose birth they attended is and should be part of the world's artistic achievements. Such convictions led them to arrange a number of concerts, which amazed music-lovers with the wide range and variety of styles as they were performing works of classical and romantic composers, the baroque music and avantguard. The artistic fire has never faded throughout their careers, and their search has never known any limitations.         When Edward Idelchuk left for Moscow and then for Europe, at first Irina and Vitaly Borovk felt pessimistic about the prospect of a second birth of their ensemble. But The Ukrainian Watercolors project has proved amazingly lasting. Over years Irina Borovik, Professor of the National Tschaikovsky Musical Academy of Ukraine, has brought up a galaxy of enthusiastic chamber music performers, among which she found a devotee whom she entrusted with the cause of her entire life. Anna Seredenko joined Professor Irina Borovik's class as an assistant-practitioner and graduated as a mature musician with her own vision of art. It was in the boundless ocean of chamber music that she forged her individual style, and later found her partner. The duo of the merited artists of Ukraine Oles Semchuk (violin) and Snna Seredenko (piano) had already claim recognition among music-lovers, when an unexpected turn happened. The two talented musicians of a younger generation were destined to give a second birth to The Ukrainian Watercolors. It happened on 22 April 2002 during the concert held at the magnificent St. Nicolas Church in Kiev converted into The National House of Organ and Chamber Music. With the new participants drawing the route towards the continuity of generations, the ensemble became the communion of like-thinking musicians, the incarnation of novel interesting projects. In short, The Ukrainian Watercolors ensemble is devoted to the High Art of Music without boundaries and frontiers.

Доктор мистецтвознавства, професор,
член-кореспондент Академії мистецтв України
Марина Черкашина-Губаренко.

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