Monday, 20 September 2021
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         Docent of the National musical academy of Ukraine Arkhimovicn BorisAlexandrovich was born in 1939 in Kyiv. The graduated from the Moscow conservatory with distinction (1963) and post-graduate course (1966) in Peoples artist of tge USSR, professor of the Moscow concervatoryYakov Vladyimyrovych Flyier, fortepiano class.

         Since 1965he has been working at the special fortepiano chair of P. I. Tchaikovsky National musical academy of Ukraine and has numerous recordings. For the previous time Boris Alexandrovich has brought up 14 laureates of the international competitions. The famous pianists are studying in his class.

         They are his students, post-graduate students, assistants Vyacheslav Zubkov, Andrew Vasin, and Vladimir Lavrynenko – the winners of the prestige international pianists competitions dedicated to V. Hortowitz ( Kyiv, Ukraine). Katherine Kulykova – has the second prize of the international competition named after Pier Lantie in Paris and Grandpre of the international competition of the young pianists named after S.S. Prokofiev (Donezk, 1999). Anastasia Titovich is a laureate of three international competitions, Kyryl Zvegintsov, Maria Filippova and many others.

        His educational and social – musical activity is very wide curd many-sided: master classes, lectures, and regular concerts of his class in many cities of Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, and Germany. He regularly has author’s programs about great performers, lectures on music in radio “Continent” and “Lira” on the first channel of the national Ukrainian TV, and also takes part in the work of many all-Ukrainian and international competitions, in Ukraine and abroad. He independently restores and records on CD archive recordings of the Ukrainian performers, compact-discs and DVD films.



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