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        Anna Seredenko, merited artist of Ukraine, laureate of international contests, is a brilliant performer, a bright representative of the Liningrad Piano School. She caries out extensive concert activity as a soloist and member of chamber ensemble in Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, France, Italy. She has won recognition in a number of international festivals such as Kiev Summer Soir?es, Virtuosos, Memory to Karol Szymanwsky, Chopeniana of Ukraine; St Petersburg Palaces, 10th International Bach Festival of Russia; Estate di Portoruaro (Italy). Among her partners are O.Semchuk, P.Vernikov, L.Voinarovska, E.Idelchuk, S.Suldina, V.Nohr, B.Baraz and others.         More...


        The merited artist of Ukraine, laureate of international contests Oles (Oleksander) Semchuk belongs to a generation of young talented performers, whose style is distinguished by thoughtful and contemporary interpretation of music. His performance carries high emotional charge and large-scale thinking. O.Semchuk graduated from the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine (Professor Kotorovich's class), studied in P.Vernikov, V.Tretiakov, T,Varga, A. Lysy's master-calsses. He is a lauretate of a number of international contests: Klester Schental (Germany), N.Lysenko International Violinists Contest (Ukraine), Concertino Prague (The Czech republic), "The Youth Assembly of Arts" (Russia), Premio di Gubbio (Italy). Performs with solo concerts and in chamber ensembles in Switzerland, Russia, Austria, the Czech republic, South Korea, France, China, the USA, England, Italy. He has made a number of recordings for the radio and television in Ukraine. Recorded CDs. Since 2002 lives and works in Italy.        More...


        Oles Semchuk (violin) and Anna Seredenko (piano) are laureates of many international contests, and merited artists of Ukraine. The instrumental duo continues the brilliant stage success of Irina Borovik, professor of chamber ensemble at the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine. The duo was born in 1998, and it attracts wide audiences by their sincere performance, emotional and simultaneously highly professional rendition. Over the years of their joined performance career the duo has given over 60 concerts. The programs varied in style and were played in many concert halls. The duo has been participant of a number of national and international music contests and festivals in Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, England, France, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy.         More...


        The laureate of the National Shevchenko Award, the merited artist of Ukraine and Russia Vladimir Sirenko is chief conductor and artistic director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. He regularly tours in Russia, the USA, South Korea, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and Great Britain. He conducted such reputed orchestras as the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. The Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, the State Symphony Orchestra of Russia, the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra, the Bratislava Radio Symphony Orchestra. Had great success in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire, Kozertgebau (Amsterdam), the great Hall of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, Le Theatre des Champs Elysees and Opera Comique (Paris), The Barbican Hall (London).         More...


        The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (NSOU) was founded by the Council of Ministers of Ukraine in 1918. Since its foundation, numerous world famous conductors and soloists have been its performers, such as O.Gorily, N.Rachlin, K.Simenov, O.Turchak, V.Kozhukhar, F.Glushchenko, I.Blazhkov, T.Kukhar, L.Stokovsky, I.Markevich, G.Rozhdestvensky, A. Rubinstein, I. Menuhin, I.Stern, I.Stern, D.Oistrakh, S.Richter, M.Rostropovich, E.Gilels, L.Kogan, G.Kremer, O.Krysa, M.Cabals, J.Carrera.         More...


        Ludmila Voinarovska (soprano), merited artist of Ukraine, soloist of the National Kiev Camerata Soloist Ensemble.

        1983 graduated from the vocal department at the Kiev State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (now the National Tchaikovsky Musical Academy of Ukraine).

        She is regular participant of international festivals of contemporary music; has made numerous recordings.

        She has toured in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Morocco, the USA, Canada.         More...


        Bohdan Denisko (alto) gained his musical education at the Kiev Lysenko Special High School of Music (1990) and the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine (1995; professor Loburenko's class). In 1999 he completed post-graduate training at the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine (adjunct professor Shutsky's class).
        B. Denisko played with several ensembles, such as Contrasts (headed by the people's artist of Ukraine Evgenia Basalaeva), The Ukrainian Watercolors, Kiev Soloists, B. Liatoshinsky Classical Music Ensemble, ARCHI et al.
        He participated in such projects as Evgenia Basalaeva Elite Soirees, Artists for the Renaissance of Ukraine, et al, as well as in a number of contests and festivals in Ukraine and Europe.
        He toured in Poland, Germany and Italy as a member of chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras.         More...

       International contest laureate Sonia SULDINA, teacher at chamber music department of the National Tchaikovsky Musical Academy of Ukraine, belongs to a generation of young talented Ukrainian performers. Fore the last 10 years has been conducting an active artistic life. Has played with renowned orchestras such as The Merited Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Kiev Roman Kofman Chamber Orchestra, as well as together with well-known performers such as Edward Idelchuk, Anna Seredenko, Sergey Urivaev. She has toured Sweden, Germany, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Russia and Ukraine.
       She performs in solo concerts, as well as in chamber ensembles.
       Organizer and director of a proninet Trio from Kiev VIVA VOCE.
       Regular participant of annual Kiev Music Fest, an annually held International Festival of Contemporary Music... More...


        Oleg Zaremsky was born in 1981 in Ternopil (Ukraine) into a family of musicians. Since the age of 5 he began learning to play the piano from his father, Grigory Zaremsky, professor of solo pianoforte at Ternopil Music College. At the age of 8 goes in for clarinet, then saxophone.

        In 1999 graduates from Ternopil Krushelnytska Music College with two diplomas: in piano and clarinet. In the same year admitted to the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine, which he graduated in 2004 in clarinet, saxophone, jazz improvisation (Professor Yu. Vasilevich's class) and chamber ensemble (adjunct professor Seredenko's class).         More...




        Evgeny DASHAK was born in Kiev in 1982.
        2000 he graduated from the Kiev Lysenko Secondary Special Music School as a pianist and clarinetist.
        2005 he graduated from the National Tchaikovsky Music Academy of Ukraine in piano (Professor Riabov's class) and chamber ensemble (Professor Borovik's class).
        Took master classes from well known foreign teachers such as V.Viardo (Russia, USA); B.Getzke (Germany); T.Dusseau (France).
        Laureate of a number of contests:
        - 3rd prize at Gnessiny International Chamber Performers Contest (Novomoskovsk, Russia);
        - 3rd prize at the 2nd International D.BIDA Wood Instrument Performers Contest (Lviv, Ukraine);
        - Grand Prix at the 13th Interpretation P. Lantier Interpretation Contest (Paris, France);
        - 1st prize at the 9th International Konjovic Chamber Ensemble Contest (Beograd, Serbia);
        - Grand Prix (2002) and 2nd prize (2003) The 21st Century Music International Contest (Vorzel, Ukraine).         More...







         NOHR Quartet was begun by talented musicians Svetlana and Vladimir Nohr. The couple's teacher in quartet class at the Russia Gnessiny Academy of Music was Professor V.A.Berlinsky, a cello soloist of the famed Borodin Quartet, from whom they took over the school of quartet mastery and the tradition of performance. Marina Uvarova and Alexander Rider graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. They were in Professor D.Shebalin's class, who has devoted his entire life to the Borodin Quartet. Therefore, we can justly claim that NOHR Quartet continues the musical traditions of their great teachers.         More...


        Pavel VERNIKOV not only has a strong personality and unique talent. He is one of the most outstanding violinists of our time, a legend virtuoso.
        He was born in Odessa, and graduated with honor from Stoliarenko Special Music School for Gifted Children (Professor L.Mordkovich's class). He continued his studies in Moscow at the Tshaikovsky Conservatoire. As a virtuoso, Pavel VERNIKOV has brilliantly manifested the best achievements of the Russian School of violin. Among his teachers were Maestro D.Oistrach and D.Snitkovsky. During conservatoire, he was the winner of a number of music contests in the USSR, and played as a soloist with orchestras of Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and Novosimirsk.
        In 1979 he won the Grand Prix of Vittorio Gui festival (Florence, Italy), and the 1st prize of the Monaco International Festival.         More...


        Boris BARAZ was born 14 July 1956 in Kiev. He started learning to play the cello when he was seven years old at the Lviv Special Music School. His teacher was Professor Spitzer.

        In 1974 - 1979 he continued his musical education at the Moscow Conservatory (Professor Shakhovska's class). After graduation, he was qualified as an orchestra soloist and performer soloist in chamber music, as well as a cello teacher.

        1977 - 1980 participates in the Moscow Conservatoire Soloist Ensemble directed by Sviatoslav Richter). The ensemble gives a number of concerts in France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, the republics of the former Soviet Union.         More...


        Maestro Igor VOLOSHIN is one the leading performers and teachers of Europe. Lives in France. Professor of the National Conservatoire in Paris and the National Regional Conservatoire in Versailles.
        As soloist and concert master has performed with such prominent orchestras as Collegium Musicum, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, The State Chamber Orchestra, Yury Bashmet "Soloists of Moscow" Ensemble at Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall Theatre Cologne.
        Tours as soloist and member of chamber ensembles in France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, the USA, Russia.
        Regularly held master classes within European international music festivals.
        Member of jury at a number of international contests.         More...



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